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By Real Ideas

Clever Claw Pole & Rod Support will change your fishing forever! 

  • Hands free Long Pole Fishing knowing you can get control of your pole quickly.

  • Clever Claw handles poles of all lengths simply using different set up.

  • Use a Fishing Chair and Vee Roller, or a Fishing Box with Bump/Spray bar, or across legs with Clever Claw mounted behind you on an Accessory Bracket.

  • Fish full length pole all day with ease.   

  • Holds your Pole Butt or Rod Handle firmly on sudden violent takes.

  • You can relax, get a drink and a bite to eat.

  • Your pole or rod stays secure until you release the Clever Claw. 

  • Brilliant for the 'Method Feeder' technique as rod will not get pulled in!

  • Rod Held High for rivers using long bankstick and Swing Head Rest. 

     Feedback from purchasers has been 100% positive with zero returns!


     We are proud that our products are British Designed, British Made.



Have any questions about our products?   We'd love to hear from you!   Feel free to contact us via the details below:

Mob: 07918 743 827


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