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Although designed solely to help anglers long pole fish hands free it was brought to our attention by another angler that it has other uses!

The story behind this revelation.


A passing angler, whilst we were demonstrating at a fishing show commented that he thought Clever Claw was "brilliant".

I thanked him and said "yes it takes all the weight off your upper body and leaves you hands free".


Can you image the surprise when he said "i would not have a pole if you gave me one".

He went to walk off but I called him back to explain to me and other interested anglers watching the demo, because as you can imagine we were all baffled!


He then went on to tell me how he uses Clever Claw for holding his rod for river fishing to get as much line out of the water as possible. See 'rod held high' set up below.

He also uses for lake feeder fishing and especially 'the method feeder' as when you get the sudden powerful takes and the Clever Claw holds your rod securely until you simply flick your wrist to release your rod.


Of course I then tried these techniques and when feeder fishing on river or still water I will be using the as in the images below. He was was dead right it is 'brilliant' for rods too. 


 River Feeder Fishing



Bite Indication

Rod'Held High'Set Up

The Strike

Lake/Method Feeder Set Up

Set Up


Flick of the Wrist to Release


Extremely strong nylon polymer.

Use for feeder fishing

Holds rod handle securely on sudden takes  using set ups like the 'method feeder'.

Quick release mechanism

Stainless steel spring snaps claw open 180°.

Easily adjustable

Change swim position easily and quickly.

Less fatigue and strains

It holds the weight of long, heavy poles. 

Fish long pole with ease

Allows for hands-free fishing all day.

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